Savannah Windows Project

Savannah Windows Project

Savannah Windows is an ongoing project with the goal of integrating local art and artists with local business. Co-created by Matt Hebermehl and The Creative Coast’s Jake Hodesh, its inaugural project celebrates Fashion’s Night Out on September 8, 2011 with down-town window installations and an exhibit at the Creative Coast Gallery (6-11 p.m., 15 West York Street).

Our hometown of Savannah, Georgia was selected as a host for Fashion’s Night Out. With the help of The Creative CoastSavannah Windows has partnered with businesses and residents along York Street, Broughton Street and Abercorn Street to create window installations celebrating the rich cast of characters from Savannah’s past and present.

Jake HodeshJamie Bowerman, James Zdaniewski and Matt Hebermehlnoticed a relationship between Savannah’s storefronts with their glassed windows and wood trim and a picture frame.  They dreamed of transforming the windows by placing art behind them.  Hodesh suggests, “By placing art in this way, we further the intrinsic beauty of Savannah’s architecture. We celebrate its artists and we provide an alternate vision of our city and its people to our community.”

Curator, artist and co-conceiver Hebermehl lassos the support of The Creative Coast, its gallery and numerous local artists as they plaster the city with the faces of some of Savannah’s best known and some of Savannah’s lesser known -  all integral to the cultural and historical underpinning of life in this city.

Participating artists in this round include Matt Hebermehl,  Jose Ray,Katherine SandozAlex Soto, Benjamin Stanley, Kellie WalkerKay WolferspergerTroy Wandzel and James Zdaniewski (aka Dr. Z).

Artist statements, a peek at the works in progress and more information about each work can be found at

Tom Kohler Portrait by Troy Wandzel

Troy Wandzel
citizen advocate Tom Kohler
58″ x 38″
oil on primed paper mounted to plexi
august 2011

Shared from Katherine Sandoz